The Snow Day of Death

I am old- man ding. When I was a child I had a very unusual principal. My tale starts on a cold winter day I was in bed. Ahhhh I think I should look out the window. That’s weir-SNOW DAY! Hey the calendar doesn’t say it. The paper says it snowed 45 feet! My school is only 50 feet tall. I guess I should wear all my clothes. I had breakfast and went down to the lobby. I went out the emergency exit and started down the street to school. After I unpacked I took out the pillow and blanket I was keeping in my back-pack. I took a 3-hour nap under my desk. I had awoken at recess. All the kids in the school met on the roof on the school to jump off it. 498 kids piled on top of each other. So I could walk strait through. The other kid who made it told me every person in the school died and that we were the only two people that made it. Then we walked to my house to hang-out. The end


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