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diary of a wimpy kid stinkin school

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2010 by gargleingdudethree

I was doing fine while I rested in my bed. Until dad called (I’m going to take you to the baseball game. But mom has the car she’s taking Manny to the playground. So can you pick me up in your car?) Well that didn’t work out so good. After I leaped off the highway I called up dad & told him to meet me at West Orange road house number 32 & that we could just take a bus. I can’t believe that the bus ticket was $125.95. I’m just glad dad packed his OWN food because food there was expensive. When dad was trying to catch a homerun ball hit by our team. It hit me right on the head & believe me it wasn’t pretty.

I’d just rather me taking a bus to their house & watching the game on TV. It was definately a waste of time because I had a Saturday test & they gave me an F-. My birthday is next week & one thing I want is to retake that test because it was actually something really easy. I also want a free trip to the hospital for face surgery. Well I don’t like school so I guess I’ll go for the face surgery. I’m getting my surgery today. Well guess what. They had to give me a NEW FACE because the injury was so bad Dad told me that my car was fixed & that I could drive back to College. I actually drove over to the airport. To join Rowley in his perfect life.I think I’m Just going to have to stay with the Jefferson’s until I can get my hands on some face pant. Luckily I went with Rowley to panting class today & they gave us FREE pants. So I went to the bathroom & panted my face how it SHOULD be. I put plastic around my nose, mouth, eyes & ears. I stuck a panted peanut under the plastic just to be safe. Now all I need is a girl friend wait I think I’ll date Rowley’s sister Clouey. Now I’m retry to go out into the world

The End